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WhatsApp Chat Joomla

Category: Joomla modules | version: 1.0.0| Joomla version: 4,5

Module for the Joomla 3,4 and 5 system, enabling client communication via WhatsApp Chat with your selected employees.

A module with which you can enable your website visitors to communicate via WhatsApp Chat with your selected employees.<...Read more

Price: 12 EUR

Pay By Square - joomla plugin

Category: Joomla plugins | version: 1.0.0| Joomla version: 4,5

PAY by square is a standard article content field plugin for CMS Joomla FIELD.

The plugin is systemically implemented in the field (CMS Joomla FIELD),which can be used in the content of any article. If in the article you need to offer visitors (or club members the op...Read more

Price: 24 EUR

Traffic statistics for CMS Joomla

Category: Joomla plugins | version: 1.0.1| Joomla version: 4,5

A system for measuring the traffic of your website (if your website is built on the CMS Joomla technology) directly in the CMS Joomla environment. If you find the use of third-party applications (such as Google Analytics) too complicated to measure the traffic of your websit...Read more

Price: 72 EUR

Notice Board - Table - Publishing Treaties, Invoices and Orders.

Category: Joomla components | version: 4.0.5| Joomla version: 4,5

Municipalities and cities and contributory organizations also have the obligation to publish contracts concluded after this date relating to the handling of public funds. For this purpose, the component is determined Official Table,Which records and publishes contracts, invo...Read more

Price: 360 EUR

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